Boxer 1.1.1 Released – For DOS Games, Based on DOSBox

Boxer has been updated to version 1.1.1. Boxer is a DOS emulator that is focused on games. It is based on DOSBox and as such, is free. It’s a drag and drop solution of sorts, and it creates a wrapper, or “gamebox” as the developers refer to it, for your … Read more

CrossOver Games for Mac 10.1.2

Saw this when I went to play a game under CrossOver Games from CodeWeavers – Version 10.1.2 is now out. If you’ll recall, CodeWeavers’ CrossOver is software that emulates a Windows environment, and is based on the WINE project. Keep in mind that it’s not a Virtual Machine (VM) like … Read more

CrossOver Games for Mac 10.1.1

Now we are starting to see support for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion users. CrossOver Games 10.1.1 fixes “several known issues” with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. It also fixes a problem with Guild Wars. Those CrossOver 9.2 users take note – some issues with upgraded to CrossOver Games 10.x … Read more

Boxer 1.1 Released

Boxer 1.1 has been released. It’s is a DOS emulator that is focused on games, and is based on DOSBox. It is free. Boxer 1.1 should be called the Joysticks and Lions release, as that’s the main emphasis. Joysticks: * Emulates four kinds of DOS-era joysticks: regular joystick/gamepad, Thrustmaster FCS, … Read more

CrossOver Games for Mac 10.1

I was hoping that the next major update to CrossOver Games was going to include Mac OS X 10.7 Lion support, at least for the preview versions, but it looks like that will probably not happen until we get closer to Lion’s release. Mac OS X fans who wanted to … Read more

Video of 3D Game/Acceleration on VMWare Fusion

There is a YouTube video making the rounds, purporting to show VMWare Fusion running a 3D Accelerated/Direct-X based game in Windows, running under Mac OS X, and doing it fairly smoothly. Fake or real? Looks real, but considering that VMWare Fusion shares a codebase with the VMWare Workstation (for Windows), … Read more