Boxer 1.1 Released

Boxer 1.1 has been released. It’s is a DOS emulator that is focused on games, and is based on DOSBox. It is free.

Boxer 1.1 should be called the Joysticks and Lions release, as that’s the main emphasis.

* Emulates four kinds of DOS-era joysticks: regular joystick/gamepad, Thrustmaster FCS, CH FlightStick Pro or racing wheel.
* Plug-and-play support for Mac-compatible USB and Bluetooth game controllers, with instructions for getting your 360 or PS3 controller working in OS X.
* Native Joypad support: turn your iPhone into a gamepad, with custom layouts for each DOS joystick type.
* A new Inspector panel for tweaking joystick settings while you play.

OS X 10.7 Lion compatibility:
* Supports Lion’s new-and-improved fullscreen mode.
* Limited support for Lion’s new resume features: quit while playing, and Boxer will start up with the same game next time.
* Boatloads of Lion-specific bugfixes, large and small.

Other fixes and improvements:
* Hold [fn] to override Boxer’s Ctrl-click and Opt-click shortcuts: so they’re sent directly to DOS instead of simulating a right-click/middle-click.
* The Mac’s display is now prevented from going to sleep while a game is running and unpaused.
* Added an option in the cover-art dropzone’s right-click menu to do an image search for the current game.
* Expanded help for Inspector window panels.
* Fixed a couple of crash bugs when closing the DOS window.
* Improvements to game importing, and configuration fixes for a zillion more games.

It’s available for download here or you can view the main website at