Articles and Software Concerning VM/Virtualization Articles:
What is a VM or Virtual Machine or Virtualization?

Notes: the following articles are older and maybe out-of-date and no longer accurate.

Intel Macs – Articles:
MacWorld – March, 2006 Running Windows XP on an Intel Mac (Note: pre-Boot Camp and Parallels Desktop
Virtualization, Macs, and USB GPS devices

Intel Macs – Software:
PD Tweaker – Application that addresses two shortcomings in intial build/release of Parallels Desktop (Build 1848) (which have subsequently been addressed in later builds of Parallels Desktop). The two shortcomings were:

* Optimizes caching for HDD and SAV files
* Always writes HDD and SAV files all the way to disk Initial challenge (January, 2006) of running Windows on an Intel Mac.
USA Today: Mac and XP: a virtual moot issue? – April, 2006 – Article about VMWare, Virtualization, etc.

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