CrossOver Games for Mac 10.1

I was hoping that the next major update to CrossOver Games was going to include Mac OS X 10.7 Lion support, at least for the preview versions, but it looks like that will probably not happen until we get closer to Lion’s release.

Mac OS X fans who wanted to play Rift will be happy to know that this officially supports the installation and playing of Rift. Also, World of Warcraft fans can install through the download client, although to be honest, there is already a Mac OS X client for World of Warcraft available. Still, it’s another option and there are definitely reasons to support it.

New games support:
* Rift now installs and runs.

Other changes:
* Added the ability to install World of Warcraft via the download client. There are some issues with the launcher, but the game runs well when launched via WoW.exe.
* Some improvements have been made to the Star Trek Online launcher. The game still suffers from performance problems.
* Added CrossTie support for RAR files.
* Made several improvements to menu and association handling.

Download for new users: Trial Download/Update
Download for existing users: Downloads page