CrossOver Games for Mac 10.1.2

Saw this when I went to play a game under CrossOver Games from CodeWeavers – Version 10.1.2 is now out.

If you’ll recall, CodeWeavers’ CrossOver is software that emulates a Windows environment, and is based on the WINE project. Keep in mind that it’s not a Virtual Machine (VM) like Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion. It is a fairly seamless method of running certain Windows-based software under Mac OS X and Linux.

Those Mac users looking to upgrade to Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, if they haven’t already done so, should pay particular attention. Those looking to upgrade from CrossOver 9.2 should also be aware of this release, as it pertains to them.

* Fixed several known issues with the upcoming Mac OS 10.7 Lion.
* Fixed the Guild Wars footstep bug.
* Updated several built-in CrossTies. (These upgrades have been available online for a while.)
* Improved the MojoSetup (.bin installer) upgrade path.
* Added a progress dialog during initial open of a CrossTie on the Mac.
* Added support for the ‘installer’ keyword which supports CrossTies for stand-alone executables.
* Added RAR support to CrossTie installation.
* Added a ‘recreate’ button to the menus control panel.
* Fixed some menu issues on the upgrade path from CrossOver 9.2.
* Added a means to turn off requesting a stable OpenGL back buffer. Set CX_NO_GL_BACKING_STORE in the environment to enable.

Downloading CrossOver Games for Mac:
* New users: Trial Download/Update
* Existing users: My Downloads page