Boxer 1.1.1 Released – For DOS Games, Based on DOSBox

Boxer has been updated to version 1.1.1. Boxer is a DOS emulator that is focused on games. It is based on DOSBox and as such, is free. It’s a drag and drop solution of sorts, and it creates a wrapper, or “gamebox” as the developers refer to it, for your games, making it easy to back them up and transfer them elsewhere.

Boxer 1.1 added support for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, and Boxer 1.1.1 improves upon that. For those who use joysticks, this is an update you will definitely want, as there was a lot of work done with joystick controls and input.

Joystick improvements:
* Better controller mappings for:
— Logitech Dual Action, RumblePad 2, and Fx10 series gamepads
— Logitech Formula Force, MOMO Racing and G25/G27 series wheels
— 3rd-party XBOX 360 controllers
* CH Flightstick Pro throttle emulation works better with gamepads and displays the current throttle level on-screen.
* Per-game option to disable joystick emulation, to avoid interfering with external tools like Gamepad Companion.
* If a game seems to be ignoring your joystick input, Boxer will remind you to turn on joystick control within the game.
* Reduced axis deadzone from 25% to 20% to make sticks more sensitive.
* On most controllers, buttons 5-8 are now also bound to the four DOS joystick buttons.
* Improved gamepad detection to more reliably apply twin-stick racing wheel layout.

Better disk handling:
* The program panel now discovers programs located on ISOs and floppy-disk images, and can set them as the default program for a gamebox. This makes it much easier to play games that have left all their programs on the CD.
* Drives are scanned for available programs in the background, resulting in quicker gamebox startup.
* Added support for .IMG and .VFD floppy-disk image formats.
* Fixed floppy-disk images hanging on PowerPC Macs.

Fixes for 10.7 Lion:
* Fixed nasty fullscreen lag under Lion.
* Fixed occasional Lion crash when tapping the DOS window’s close button on a trackpad.
* Disabled restore-windows-at-startup in Lion, to prevent numerous startup bugs and general misbehaviour.

General fixes and tweaks:
* New bezel notifications for switching to fullscreen, pausing, adjusting CPU speed and adding/removing drives.
* Flicker-free fullscreen transitions, smooth crossfades in program panel, and other cosmetic improvements.
* Automatic configuration for Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies and Metaltech: Earthsiege.
* Disabled blur effect behind Inspector panel in preparation for App Store compatibility.
* Removed Growl support, now that it has been superseded by built-in bezels.

Requires: Mac OS X 10.5 and newer

If you are still on an older version of Mac OS X, namely Mac OS X 10.4, check the link below for details on older version of Boxer to run on your Mac.

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