Parallels And Apple Servers

Yahoo! Finance is running an article from TechIQ about Parallels potentially giving Apple a boost in Xserve sales with an Enterprise-edition of Parallels Desktop for Mac. Quote: SWsoft, the company that makes the popular Parallels virtualization software for Apple Macintoshes, is preparing an encore for Apple servers, The VAR Guy … Read more

Parallels Desktop – Build 3188 (Version 2.5) – Changes

From a posting in the forums, it’s been revealed what the changes were in Parallels Desktop for Mac Build 3188 (Version 2.5) versus Build 3186 (Version 2.5). They are: * Fixed guest Win98 extensive CPU usage when in idle state. * Updated bundled Kaspersky Internet Security package.

Parallels Desktop – Build 3188 (Version 2.5)

Parallels Desktop for Mac Build 3188 (Version 2.5). No word on improvements over Build 3186. Update: Changes between Build 3186 and 3188. These are minor updates that won’t affect many users.

Parallels Desktop – Build 3186

Parallels Desktop
Parallels Desktop for Mac – the latest final release, is now available. It’s Version 2.5 build 3186 and can be downloaded from

This release consists of mainly bug fixes going back to the previous Release Candidates and introduces no new features since the final Release Candidate.

New and improved features added since the last Final Release/2.0:

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Parallels Desktop – 3170 Release Candidate 3

Another Release Candidate (RC) is out for Parallels Desktop for Mac. Build 3170 – Release Candidate 3170. This release concerns mainly global sharing and adding Microsoft Windows Vista Upgrade support as well as bug fixes from previous Release Candidates. Changes/Updates (From PLEASE REMEMBER: this is Release Candidate software. While … Read more