Parallels Desktop – 3170 Release Candidate 3

Parallels Desktop
Another Release Candidate (RC) is out for Parallels Desktop for Mac. Build 3170 – Release Candidate 3170. This release concerns mainly global sharing and adding Microsoft Windows Vista Upgrade support as well as bug fixes from previous Release Candidates.

Changes/Updates (From
PLEASE REMEMBER: this is Release Candidate software. While this build gives you the rough understanding of the final set of features to be available in Final Release later on, it is still a “Candidate” and thus is still not recommended for production use. Do backup your virtual machines before trying them with this build (from

* Windows Vista Upgrade support added. If you’re planning to upgrade your Windows XP installation to Vista, shut down your guest OS and go to Actions->Prepare Windows Vista Upgrade… menu item. Parallels Desktop will tune your Virtual Machine and start it. All you need to do is to wait till Windows XP is loaded, insert Windows Vista CD and start the upgrade.

* Global Sharing option is now disabled by default. We believe the feature has received enough testing already. From now on, you make the decision to enable real drag-and-drop or not. The new behavior is :
** On your first drag and drop attempt you will be prompted to choose whether you’d like to enable Global/Local sharing or just copy the file to Windows.

* The difference between Global and Local sharing are:
**Global Sharing – shares the whole Mac filesystem.
**Local Sharing – shares only your Home folder(a nice enhancement request we had received from beta testers.)
NOTE! Global sharing is forcibly disabled for all existing RC1 and RC2 installations upon RC3 upgrade.
* USB fixes. Both stability fixes and new devices support. Feel free to check your favorite device with RC3 and report to us if it still doesn’t work (
* Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” experimental support. The best virtualization solution for Mac is now available for early Leopard adopters.
* And many other fixes…

Download here at