Parallels Desktop – Build 3186

Parallels Desktop
Parallels Desktop for Mac – the latest final release, is now available. It’s Version 2.5 build 3186 and can be downloaded from

This release consists of mainly bug fixes going back to the previous Release Candidates and introduces no new features since the final Release Candidate.

New and improved features added since the last Final Release/2.0:

* Parallels Coherence – Launch and run Windows applications directly from your Mac desktop!
* Parallels Transporter – Migrate your entire real Windows PC to your new Mac, without reinstalling Windows or any applications!
* Wide OS support – Including full compatibility with OS X “Leopard” and support for Windows Vista
* Shared Networking – Seamlessly connect your virtual machines to the internet without any manual network reconfiguration
* USB 2.0 support – “Plug and play” popular USB 2.0 devices like printers, scanners, and external hard drives, and use them at full native speed!
* Installation Assistant built-in tool included – Now installing Windows on a Mac takes just 3 easy steps. It’s even easier than installing it on a PC!
* Drag and Drop – Drag and drop files and folders of any size between OS X and Windows
* Graphic performance support – Start taking advantages of using Intel’s Virtualization Technology that drives rock solid stability and blazingly fast performance
* Boot Camp Support – Use a Windows XP Boot Camp partition as a virtual hard disk in Parallels Desktop for Mac
* Improved Shared Folders performance – Open folders and files faster, and transfer data across OSes with almost zero lag