Parallels Desktop – Build 3120 Release Candidate 1 (RC1)

Parallels Desktop Build 3120, Release Candidate 1 is now avaialble. It can be downloaded from Besides several bug fixes and improvements concerning USB 2.0 devices, a big feature has been true ‘Drag and Drop’ functionality, with the Mac and Windows filesystems being able to see each other, to exchange … Read more

CodeWeavers CrossOver Mac: “The Real Dirt”

CodeWeavers has put together a comprehensive look at CrossOver Mac, in terms of what CrossOver Mac does and does not do. If you are interested in CrossOver Mac, which is a compatibility layer instead of true virtualization software, you should check this out. Compatibility layers offer something different than a … Read more

VMWare to Demo VMWare Fusion Beta

According to, VMWare is going to publicly demonstrate VMWare Fusion for Mac at Macworld San Francisco next week. Should be interesting to see what they come up with. The VMWare Fusion beta program started a few weeks ago – whether this demonstration will cover that or a newer version … Read more

eWeek Article: VMware Slices Up Mac OS X

eWeek had some very interesting comments about using VMware Fusion for Mac, including about running Mac OS X inside of a virtual machine. They also gave their first impressions of VMware Fusion and compared it to VMware Workstation, which runs on Linux and Windows-based PCs. Excerpt: VMware has come up … Read more