eWeek Article: VMware Slices Up Mac OS X

VMWare Fusion for Mac
eWeek had some very interesting comments about using VMware Fusion for Mac, including about running Mac OS X inside of a virtual machine. They also gave their first impressions of VMware Fusion and compared it to VMware Workstation, which runs on Linux and Windows-based PCs.


VMware has come up with a Cocoa-based interface for Fusion, which fits in better with the look of OS X than the VMware Workstation interface would.

Still, we found that using Fusion was basically the same as using VMware Workstation on Linux or Windows: Fusion offered up the same configuration and control options that VMware Workstation does, and we found Fusion’s performance comparable to what we’d expect on similar hardware.

During our tests of Fusion, we noted that OS X is not one of the operating systems onto which we could install a virtual machine. Virtualized OS X is a sticky subject because Apple will not allow its operating system to run on non-Apple hardware.

At the demo of an as-yet-unnamed VMware virtualization product at last fall’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, a VMware official told eWEEK Labs that VMware might enable virtualized instances of OS X by implementing some sort of check to make sure that an OS X virtual machine was running on Apple hardware, but so far it seems that OS X will remain walled off from the world of virtualized deployment.