CodeWeavers CrossOver Mac: “The Real Dirt”

CrossOver Mac
CodeWeavers has put together a comprehensive look at CrossOver Mac, in terms of what CrossOver Mac does and does not do. If you are interested in CrossOver Mac, which is a compatibility layer instead of true virtualization software, you should check this out. Compatibility layers offer something different than a typical virtualization application – for some people this maybe exactly what they are looking for.


At CodeWeavers, we believe strongly in truth in advertising. This section is an honest appraisal of what CrossOver Mac can and cannot do, written after review of our own testing and what our testers have found. Hopefully this will help you to determine whether or not CrossOver is for you.

Just the Highlights:

* CrossOver Mac is a product with amazing promise. You can install Windows software easily, the program launchers should appear in the finder, it integrates nicely with the file system, it can run any type of program, including games and other complex software. And all of this without having to buy or run a copy of Windows.
* The catch is that CrossOver doesn’t run every Windows program, and some programs that do run, run with flaws.
* However, CrossOver does work very well for many people, so it is always worth a try. And when you do run into a problem, we have many excellent systems to help you triage that problem, including our compatibility center and our support systems.

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