CrossOver Mac 6.0 Beta 2

CrossOver Mac
CodeWeavers has announced the second beta of CrossOver Mac 6.0 (beta 2). This includes several fixes, including Microsoft producters (fixes for Internet Explorer being one of the more significant changes).

You can download it here.

Announcement at

Hi Folks,

I am happy to announce that we have put up a new version of our public beta of CrossOver Mac as well as an equivalent public beta of CrossOver Linux.

For Mac users, this release includes fixes to Internet Explorer, fixes for many cases where programs would crash when run (e.g. Microsoft Office 2000 and similar older applications), fixes for Outlook 2003, and a range of other improvements.

Please note that this is still beta software, and there are many issues remaining; we still have a ways to go until we feel comfortable considering it ready for release. While we greatly appreciate feedback on this release, if you don’t like bleeding edge experimental software, we’d really rather you waited for a proper production version.

Along those lines, please read the Forums on our beta center; we will be posting errata and troubleshooting tips there, as well as paying careful
attention to your reports. There will be no support for this release through our normal ticket system, so please direct all questions and reports to our beta center.

At any rate, you can download the software from our beta center:

Please report your experiences with the software to the beta center, and thanks for your interest in CrossOver and Wine!


Jeremy White
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* CrossOver Mac 6.0.0beta2 – 2006/09/28

CrossOver Mac specific changes:
Dramatic performance improvements — startup time, bottle creation and a few install processes should be much faster.
Fixed switching to full-screen mode so the screen does not go all black.
Fixed bugs on case-sensitive file systems.
Fixed the CPU detection, which makes many installers happier.
Fixed problems that appeared when old PPC tcl libraries were migrated from an old Mac.
Fixed failure to see the second and subsequent font faces in a font suitcase file.
Fixed failure to launch Programs menu items and menu helper applications if has moved (only fixed for newly installed Windows programs).
Added an option on the Run Command dialog to create a custom launch icon.
Made applet launching simpler in the Bottle Control Panel.
Made the Open Shell feature more reliable and useful.
Fixed a bug in the registration process.

Application fixes:
Fixed a freeze in Internet Explorer when accessing Windows Update.
Much better support for Outlook 2003 and other Office 2003 applications.
Improved OLE embedding support for Office 2003 applications.
Fixed DCOM detection for Office XP. Should dramatically improve behavior of Office XP applications.
Fixed font detection in Visio 2003.
Many improvements to game support. Should install and run World of Warcraft and Half-life via Steam.

General CrossOver fixes and improvements:
Fixed the windows version setting in WinXP bottles.
Added a few entries to the Bottle Control Panel.
Added GIF support that was missing for some apps.