CrossOver Games for Mac 10.1.2

Saw this when I went to play a game under CrossOver Games from CodeWeavers – Version 10.1.2 is now out. If you’ll recall, CodeWeavers’ CrossOver is software that emulates a Windows environment, and is based on the WINE project. Keep in mind that it’s not a Virtual Machine (VM) like … Read more

CrossOver Games for Mac 10.1.1

Now we are starting to see support for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion users. CrossOver Games 10.1.1 fixes “several known issues” with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. It also fixes a problem with Guild Wars. Those CrossOver 9.2 users take note – some issues with upgraded to CrossOver Games 10.x … Read more

CrossOver for Mac 10.0.3

CodeWeavers have updated CrossOver for Mac, bringing it to version 10.0.3. CrossOver is an environment/Windows emulator of sorts, based on WINE. It’s not a full Virtual Machine (VM) environment and it’s not quite a emulator. It allows you to run Windows software without the need for a Windows OS, and … Read more

CrossOver Games for Mac 10.1

I was hoping that the next major update to CrossOver Games was going to include Mac OS X 10.7 Lion support, at least for the preview versions, but it looks like that will probably not happen until we get closer to Lion’s release. Mac OS X fans who wanted to … Read more

CodeWeavers CrossOver Mac: “The Real Dirt”

CodeWeavers has put together a comprehensive look at CrossOver Mac, in terms of what CrossOver Mac does and does not do. If you are interested in CrossOver Mac, which is a compatibility layer instead of true virtualization software, you should check this out. Compatibility layers offer something different than a … Read more

CrossOver Mac 6.0 – Limted Beta Version 3

From the CrossOver Mac 6.0 team: From Jeremy White’s posting in the CrossOver Mac forums: I’m happy to say that we’ve now made a public prerelease version of CrossOver Mac 6.0 available for your testing pleasure. A summary list of changes is available below. At this point, we feel we’re … Read more