CrossOver for Mac 10.0.3

CodeWeavers have updated CrossOver for Mac, bringing it to version 10.0.3. CrossOver is an environment/Windows emulator of sorts, based on WINE. It’s not a full Virtual … Read more

CrossOver Games for Mac 10.1

I was hoping that the next major update to CrossOver Games was going to include Mac OS X 10.7 Lion support, at least for the preview … Read more Changes (April 2010)

After over a year with the over 100+ stories offline and in need of a major overhaul, MacVM is about to be re-launched.

G3 Macs and DOSBox

If you still have and use a G3-based Macintosh and are looking for an optimized version of DOSBox, look no further. Marcus Herbert has put together … Read more

VirtualBox Public Beta for Mac OS X

The VirtualBox Public Beta for Mac OS X is now available. It can be downloaded here. VirtualBox is a free/open-source Virtualization solution for Mac OS X … Read more