Intel Launches Quad Core for the Desktop

Computer Business Review mentions that Intel is officially launching the quad-core Core 2s: Intel Corp has officially launched its first desktop quad-core processor, codenamed Kentsfield, with new systems boasting the CPU set to be announced today. But for the average enterprise user, two plus two will not add up to … Read more

Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.4.8

Apple released Mac OS X 10.4.8 a few days ago, for both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs. Some of the fixes/changes that may benefit Mac users interested in virtualization/emulation: – Improves Apple File Sharing client performance by changing the default AFP WAN quantum size.. More… – Windows File Sharing now generates … Read more

Universal Binary of DOSBox, Performance on Intel Macs

Just a quick note about DOSBox (a DOS emulator for Mac OS X). According to a thread at VOGONS (official forums for DOSBox), they are working on making DOSBox perform much better on Intel-based Macs (it’s not too shabby as it is, but there are a few issues still remaining). … Read more

Intel Developer Forum: Apple Has Two “Featured Sessions”

InfoWorld is running an article about Intel’s finally, truly, endorsing Apple, as well as what Apple has done for Intel (among other things, helping to create a market for Intel’s Core Duo CPUs). How is Intel doing this? By giving Apple two “feature sessions” at next week’s Intel Developer Forum … Read more

Parallels Desktop – Build 1898 (Mac Pro/iMac Core 2 Duo) – Vista

They’ve just made available a new Parallels Desktop build for Mac Pro/iMac Core 2 Duo users, that includes support for Microsoft Windows Vista: We have just made available a new build (1898) for Desktop for Mac that substantially improves Mac Pro and 64-bit iMac performance and eliminates kernel panics and … Read more