Intel Launches Quad Core for the Desktop

Computer Business Review mentions that Intel is officially launching the quad-core Core 2s:

Intel Corp has officially launched its first desktop quad-core processor, codenamed Kentsfield, with new systems boasting the CPU set to be announced today. But for the average enterprise user, two plus two will not add up to four.

In launching Kentsfield, Intel beats rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc to the quad-core punch. But AMD’s forthcoming quad-core CPU, due mid-2007 or so, may end packing more performance.

Intel’s Kentsfield, called Core 2 Extreme quad-core QX6700, is up to 80% faster than its Core 2 Extreme X6800, or Conroe, counterpart, claimed Intel. The latter is, of course, the chipmaker’s high-end dual-core desktop offering that launched in July.

They mention that they will probably carry a pricetag of around $1000, with a cheaper, more mainstream/consumer-oriented version coming out early next year.