VirtualBox 4.0.8

Oracle has released VirtualBox 4.0.8 today. Oracle VM VirtualBox (the full title) is virtualization software for x86 platforms (Intel/AMD) and allows you to run various Guest OSes under Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and other host operating systems. It is similar in functionality to Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion as … Read more

Apple Boot Camp 3.2 – Early 2011 iMacs

Apple has released Boot Camp 3.2 Update for iMac (Early 2011) – the iMacs that were released earlier today. It’s for Microsoft Windows 7, and it addresses issues with Japanese and Korean keyboards on the latest iMacs. The download weighs in at 638 KB and the download ID is DL1384. … Read more

Apple Releases New iMacs – Early 2011

Apple made a major update to the iMacs line today. While the Macs are cosmetically the same as the previous generation, all are now quad-core, and all are based on Intel’s so-called “Sandy Bridge” CPUs, as well shipping wiht the latest “Thunderbolt” I/O ports, which are very high-speed. They are … Read more

CrossOver for Mac 10.0.3

CodeWeavers have updated CrossOver for Mac, bringing it to version 10.0.3. CrossOver is an environment/Windows emulator of sorts, based on WINE. It’s not a full Virtual Machine (VM) environment and it’s not quite a emulator. It allows you to run Windows software without the need for a Windows OS, and … Read more