VirtualBox 4.0.8

Oracle has released VirtualBox 4.0.8 today.

Oracle VM VirtualBox (the full title) is virtualization software for x86 platforms (Intel/AMD) and allows you to run various Guest OSes under Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and other host operating systems. It is similar in functionality to Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion as far as Mac OS X users are concerned. There is a limited functionality when it comes to running Mac OS X guest sessions, although a Mac as the host machine is required.

It’s being listed as a maintenance release, with no new main features or additions.

Mac OS X related Changes
* Mac OS X hosts: fixed incompatibility with recent Mac OS X versions in 64-bit mode
* Mac OS X hosts: fixed incompatibility with hosts with more than 16 cores
* Mac OS X hosts: fixed painting corruptions on a second monitor in 64-bit mode
* GUI: restored functionality to set an empty host key to disallow any host key combination (4.0.6 regression)
* VBoxManage: added controlvm screenshotpng subcommand for saving the screenshot of a running VM in PNG format
* NAT: built-in services use the correct Ethernet addresses in Ethernet header and in ARP requests
* Host-only networking: fixed adapter reference counting
* E1000: fixed rare guest crashes with Linux SMP guests
* SATA: fixed guest disk corruption under rare circumstances (only relevant for guests with more than 2GB RAM)
* Storage: fixed data corruption after a snapshot was taken with asynchronous I/O enabled
* Floppy: several improvement
* HPET: another fix for time jumps
* 3D support: fixed a potential crash when resizing the guest window
* Snapshots: fixed another bug which could lose entries in the media registry when restoring a snapshot
* Shared Folders: don’t stop mounting the other valid folders if one host folder is inaccessible
* Guest Additions: fixed inappropriate Guest Additions update notification when using vendor-specific version suffixes

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