Cocoon Wrapper for DOSBox – 1.0b004

Cocoon Wrapper for DOSBox version 1.0b004 has been released. It can be downloaded here. Cocoon Wrapper for DOSBox is exactly what it sounds like – a wrapper for DOSBox, which is an emulated DOS environment (most people use it to play old DOS-based games).

Intel Woodcrest CPUs & Virtualization

There is an interesting article at Anandtech about Intel’s upcoming dual-core Xeon server chip, “Woodcrest”, which could find its way into the PowerMac G5’s successor as well as Xserve setups. This was an interesting little comment made by the Anandtech writers: While we were there we were presented with the … Read more

Intel Set to Launch “Conroe” aka “Core 2 Duo”

DailyTech has a nice summary of tonight’s launch by Intel of their new dual-core CPUs, the Core 2 Duo series, named “Conroe” Excerpt: Intel is set to announce its long awaited Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors tonight, July 14th, at 12:01AM EST. Initially announced at the Spring … Read more

Virtual PC Free (for PCs) and Windows Vista Licensing

Microsoft had a couple of interesting announcements yesterday on the “Virtually Vista” blog concerning Virtual PC and Microsoft Windows Vista and Virtualization. The first was that Virtual PC ( (for PCs) would be free. Virtual PC for Macs would not be free. They also mentioned that virtual PC 2007 (VPC … Read more

Macworld UK Article: CrossOver lets Windows apps run on OS X, sans Windows

Macworld UK has an excellent write-up about CodeWeavers CrossOver Mac, and how it relates to Parallels Desktop and Apple’s Boot Camp. CodeWeavers has announced plans to release CrossOver Mac this summer. The $60 software will allow Intel Mac users to run Windows applications – including some games – without having … Read more