Virtual PC Free (for PCs) and Windows Vista Licensing

Virtual PCMicrosoft had a couple of interesting announcements yesterday on the “Virtually Vista” blog concerning Virtual PC and Microsoft Windows Vista and Virtualization.

The first was that Virtual PC ( (for PCs) would be free. Virtual PC for Macs would not be free. They also mentioned that virtual PC 2007 (VPC 2007) was in development and that it would support Windows Vista in both host and guest modes, as well sa support for 64-bit Vista as a host OS, and that it will be faster than Virtual PC 2004.

The second (and fairly relevant to us) involves how Windows Vista Enterprise will be handled in a virtualized environment:

Customers who deploy Windows Vista Enterprise have the ability to install up to four (4) copies of the operating system in a virtual machine for a single user on a single device. Even better, nothing in the license requires that Microsoft Virtualization technologies be used – if you want to use a competing product as your Virtualization solution, you still get the four extra installs for use with VMs.