VMware Fusion Beta Program is Now Live

VMWare Fusion for Mac
The VMWare Fusion beta program is now live. You can sign up for a beta key at VMWare.com/products/beta/fusion/. It is currently free.

You can read more about it at one of the official VMWare Blogs – “A Holiday Gift for Mac Users”. Quote:

It’s a great time of year – everything is decorated and looks pretty, people are in a festive mood, there’s a lot of great parties and everyone is exchanging gifts. Talking about giving gifts, we have a holiday gift for the Mac community – the public beta for our new desktop product for Mac, codenamed Fusion, is now available. It is free but the beta requires a serial key, which you will get as part of the download process.

We announced (press release, my blog) in August at WWDC that we are developing a desktop product for Mac. We demoed an early version of the product during WWDC at the Four Seasons Hotel to a few hundred attendees who left the Moscone Center and walked 4 blocks to see the demo. That was just the beginning! 70,000 customers pre-registered for the beta. We released a “friends and family” version in October to a select few customers to get early feedback. One incident sticks out in my mind when we visited a customer who was part of the friends and family program. As soon as we sat down and before we could do any introductions, out came a credit card across the table and his voice boomed, “I’d like to buy it now!” Well, we’re not quite ready to take orders just yet but we are ready to receive feedback from the larger Mac community. That would be a great gift you can give us…