Darwine News

Official Website: Darwine.OpenDarwin.org
Current Version: 0.9.27 (December 2006)
Cost: Free/Open Source
Frequently Asked Questions: http://darwine.opendarwin.org/faq.php
User Guide/Documentation: http://darwine.opendarwin.org/doc.php
Download: http://darwine.opendarwin.org/download.php
More Information: WINE WIKI (WinHQ.org)

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Official Description:

The Darwine project intends to port and develop WINE as well as other supporting tools that will allow Darwin and Mac OS X users to run Windows Applications, and to provide a Win32 API compatibility at application source code level. Wine allows developers to rebuild their application for Mac OS X using the Win32 API.

Currently Darwine consists in a Mac OS X port of Wine, which includes Xcode support, and Finder integration. You can download it here.

The Darwine project aims to run Windows Application on Mac OS X, in the near future.

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