Q May Change Licensing In Regards to iEmulator

The Q developers (see QEMU & Q for more information) maybe changing the Q license in regards to iEmulator. Q is the OS X version of QEMU, an open source processor emulator.

Full Article w/Comments:

To set this straight, once and for all times… we are not related in any way with iEmulator.

“Well, the two projects look very alike! ” – Surprised? Actually iEmulator checks out our code, changes the icons, name, removes the link to the mother homepage and finally adds a price tag.

We (the QEMU and Q team) have invested thousands of hours in developing and improving an emulation solution for OS X (and many other platforms). We maintain a growing website, forums, blogs , wikis and we answer nearly every mail we get from the user community. FREE OF CHARGE.

So you will surely understand why we were a little upset with the latests iEmulator release. Repackaging and selling Q(EMU) is perfectly OK with the licences that stick to QEMU and Q (lgpl/gpl).
But when you boast (and actually claim) to have coded “Audiosupport” and “VPC7 Import” etc. it is outright a lie.
Btw, making sources available means the complete sources, including the buildscripts.

So expect major changes in Q soon:
We plan to cleanly separate all the functions that we add to qemu sources and add it to the Q executable, so that we can put at least Q under a creative commons non-commercial (by-nc) license.

What will that change for you?

* If you are a user: nothing.
* If you are a dev: You still can get the sources and make your derivatives of Q and share them FOR FREE.
* If you are iEmulator: You are no longer allowed to sell products that include code of Q, and we mean it!

*end rant*