Parallels Desktop – Build 1966

Parallels Desktop
There is a new build of Parallels Desktop available: Build #1966

Parallels Forum Announcement:

As part of our efforts to make Parallels Desktop for Mac even more stable and easier to use, we’re pre-releasing our next build for testing. This internal build publicly introduces several cool new enhancements and important bug fixes:

* Shared Networking. This feature automatically gets your virtual machines online whenever your Mac has internet connection – be it via a hotel, airport or cafe Wi-Fi connection, at home using a dial-up, DSL or cable modem, or on the road with a GSM broadband card. This feature eliminates the complicated Bridged mode set up or using Host-Only networking with Internet Sharing when bridged mode is not possible. Additionally, this feature lets Parallels Desktop go online in the networks with PEAP security model in use.

To enable Connection Sharing, start Parallels Desktop, load your VM configuration, click Network Adapter link and select “Connection Sharing” mode.

* OS installation assistant. This feature helps you install Windows XP or Vista with a single click. Just enter your activation key and name, click finish, and…that’s it. The install assistant will do the rest – it will even install Parallels Tools for you.

Please note, in Windows Vista you will still need to agree to new drivers installation.

* Fix for “Eternal Poofs of Death”. problem.

* Fix for random guest OS freezes problem.

* NumPad Enter key is Enter key again and is not AltGr anymore.

* And many other minor fixes

The build can be downloaded from here.

As usual, we’re extremely interested in your feedback about the new features and fixes introduced, so please let us know what you think.