Running Microsoft Windows Vista on a Mac

Microsoft Windows Vista
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General Notes about Microsoft Windows Vista
– Until it fully indexes it’s virtual harddrive, Vista is going to be very slow, regardless of what build you are on. It may take a few hours depending on what you have installed on your virtual harddrive.

Note that Vista is going to be slow in some instances:
– The “features” built into Vista that take advantage of video accelerated hardware, are going to be incredibly slow, because as of yet, nobody has a fast video solution under either virtualization or emulation (even on Intel hardware) on the Mac platform (but they are working on it)

Intel – Hardware Virtualization:
Parallels Desktop:
* Macworld Hands On with Windows Vista on Macs
* As of the 1896+ builds, you can install Microsoft Windows Vista RC1 under Parallels. See this Parallels Forum Thread

Intel and PowerPC – Software Emulation:
How-To at – Installing Windows Vista Public Beta Two

Other – Dual Booting:
* Some have gotten Apple’s Boot Camp to dual boot Vista, however this gets into a tricky area
* Macworld Hands On with Windows Vista on Macs

* See User FAQ about installing network driver manually.

VMWare Fusion for Mac Support:
Copy and paste of text, drag and drop of files, shared folders, and screen resizing:
* Microsoft Vista Business
* Microsoft Vista Enterprise
* Microsoft Vista Ultimate

Licensing and Windows Vista
* Windows Vista Enterprise – Limits on installing.