IBM OS/2 Warp under Mac OS X

OS/2 Warp 4
Yes, it’s possible!

Parallels Desktop for Mac (Intel):
Supported OS/2 Versions:
* OS/2 warp 4.5
* OS/2 warp 4
* OS/2 warp 3
* eComStation 1.2
* eComStation 1.1

Parallels Desktop for Mac & OS/2 notes:
* Network driver for OS/2 included on Parallels Tools floppy image – mount the image through Parallels Desktop, under OS/2
* Easiest way to transfer files: FTP

VirtualBox (Intel):
* Requires VT-x hardware virtualization support.
* Only verified with MCP2 so far.

VMWare Fusion for Mac (Intel):
* OS/2 is not officially supported under VMWare Fusion.

* OS/2 Warp 4 and QEMU ( – Tutorial

Miscellaneous Information about OS/2 and Virtual Environments:
* – Updated floppy images (may need to extract under DOS or Windows).