Macworld: Running Vista Home on a Mac

Macworld has a hands on with Microsoft Windows Vista Home, loading it up under Parallels Desktop and Apple’s Boot Camp. They were able to install it under Parallels. Excerpt: If you care about running Windows on a Mac, you’ve undoubtedly heard that the end user license agreement (EULA) for Windows … Read more

Parallels Desktop and Web Design (37signals)

37signals has an interesting article about how they use Parallels Desktop: Parallels is an indispensable tool that lets us test our applications in all the browsers we support on a single computer. We can even test IE 6 and 7 side-by-side by running Windows XP in one VM and Vista … Read more

Parallels Desktop – Build 1898 (Mac Pro/iMac Core 2 Duo) – Vista

They’ve just made available a new Parallels Desktop build for Mac Pro/iMac Core 2 Duo users, that includes support for Microsoft Windows Vista: We have just made available a new build (1898) for Desktop for Mac that substantially improves Mac Pro and 64-bit iMac performance and eliminates kernel panics and … Read more

Virtual PC Free (for PCs) and Windows Vista Licensing

Microsoft had a couple of interesting announcements yesterday on the “Virtually Vista” blog concerning Virtual PC and Microsoft Windows Vista and Virtualization. The first was that Virtual PC ( (for PCs) would be free. Virtual PC for Macs would not be free. They also mentioned that virtual PC 2007 (VPC … Read more