VirtualBox 4.1.2

Earlier today, VirtualBox was updated to version 4.1.2. VirtualBox is virtualization software that allows you to create self-contained virtual machines (VM). It’s actually open source, and the only one current virtualization software that is full open source (and free!). There is a Mac OS X version and it supports older … Read more

VirtualBox 4.0.8

Oracle has released VirtualBox 4.0.8 today. Oracle VM VirtualBox (the full title) is virtualization software for x86 platforms (Intel/AMD) and allows you to run various Guest OSes under Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and other host operating systems. It is similar in functionality to Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion as … Read more

VirtualBox Public Beta for Mac OS X

The VirtualBox Public Beta for Mac OS X is now available. It can be downloaded here. VirtualBox is a free/open-source Virtualization solution for Mac OS X running on Intel-based Macs. In addition it can be used on Windows-based and Linux-based machines. Innotek VirtualBox is a family of powerful x86 virtualization … Read more