eWeek Article: Windows on Mac OS X: Virtualization Heats Up

John Rizzo at eWeek has written an article, Windows on Mac OS X: Virtualization Turf War Heats Up about the potential competition that Parallels Desktop for Mac faces from VMware Fusion for Mac as well as Microsoft’s Virtual PC fading away. Excerpt: While Mac OS X Leopard was the focus … Read more

WWDC News: Microsoft Dropping Virtual PC for Mac

Peter Cohen of Macworld writes that Microsoft is dropping Virtual PC for Mac. Kind of surprising, since Virtual PC probably helps sell quite a few copies of Windows, but as the article points out, when Microsoft bought Connectix (the original developers of Virtual PC), they had an already-made solution to … Read more

Virtual PC Free (for PCs) and Windows Vista Licensing

Microsoft had a couple of interesting announcements yesterday on the “Virtually Vista” blog concerning Virtual PC and Microsoft Windows Vista and Virtualization. The first was that Virtual PC (Microsoft.com) (for PCs) would be free. Virtual PC for Macs would not be free. They also mentioned that virtual PC 2007 (VPC … Read more