About MacVM.com

Update: May 2018, please see our Privacy Policy updates.

MacVM.com was setup to gather and information regarding the state of virtualization on Macs, both from a software and hardware point of view. It also contains a lot of information about software that may fall outside of what most consider to be virtualization – specifically Apple’s Boot Camp as well as Darwine and Crossover Mac, etc, but it’s software that maybe of interest.

Some of you may have read our blog, but it’s no longer available since we have moved to MacVM.com for various reasons (i.e. we wanted MacVM.com to reflect the stories, and not have duplicate content). As such, while there are other Mac virtualization blogs, they are not related to this website (but we would love to include them in our links – if you run one or know of one, contact us).

The information here comes straight from the originating source/developers when possible (or rather their websites/email lists), and is presented in chronological order of when it was posted on the now defunct Mac Virtualization blog on Blogger or when it was posted in various forums by people who are now contributing to MacVM.com. As such, some stories maybe off a day or two or three. because of how they were imported – we are not concerned about how the software running MacVM.com imported the stories (in regards to dates), but if you do come across any broken links or inaccurate data, please contact us. We have tried to insure that all links and sites linked to are functional.

We only brought over select news stories from the old blog (and even then, only going back to around May/June). We looked through the stuff going back to the beginning of the blog, and either it’s no longer relevant, or not worth the trouble of posting here. We did make sure that all of the pages describing the various virtualization or emulation solutions are as up to date as possible. One of the things we are going to work on in May of 2007 is presenting a uniform set of information across all pieces of software, as well as better comparisons of all software.
– CW