Parallels Desktop – Build 3186

Parallels Desktop
Parallels Desktop for Mac – the latest final release, is now available. It’s Version 2.5 build 3186 and can be downloaded from

This release consists of mainly bug fixes going back to the previous Release Candidates and introduces no new features since the final Release Candidate.

New and improved features added since the last Final Release/2.0:

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Parallels Desktop – 3170 Release Candidate 3

Another Release Candidate (RC) is out for Parallels Desktop for Mac. Build 3170 – Release Candidate 3170. This release concerns mainly global sharing and adding Microsoft Windows Vista Upgrade support as well as bug fixes from previous Release Candidates. Changes/Updates (From PLEASE REMEMBER: this is Release Candidate software. While … Read more

Video of 3D Game/Acceleration on VMWare Fusion

There is a YouTube video making the rounds, purporting to show VMWare Fusion running a 3D Accelerated/Direct-X based game in Windows, running under Mac OS X, and doing it fairly smoothly. Fake or real? Looks real, but considering that VMWare Fusion shares a codebase with the VMWare Workstation (for Windows), … Read more

Macworld: Running Vista Home on a Mac

Macworld has a hands on with Microsoft Windows Vista Home, loading it up under Parallels Desktop and Apple’s Boot Camp. They were able to install it under Parallels. Excerpt: If you care about running Windows on a Mac, you’ve undoubtedly heard that the end user license agreement (EULA) for Windows … Read more

Parallels Desktop – Build 3150 – Release Candidate 2

Parallels Desktop for Mac Build 3150, Release Candidate 2 is available for download from here ( This virtualization application for Mac OS X offers mainly fixes/updates regarding USB 2.0 devices, as well as a bunch of Coherence improvements Release Notes/Information from PLEASE REMEMBER: this is a Release Candidate software. … Read more