Parallels Desktop for Mac – Build 3106 Beta 3

There is a major update to Parallels Desktop for Mac – Build 3106, Beta 3. Keep in mind the “Beta” is there for a reason – probably not wise to use this in a production environment. It can be downloaded from This beta includes Coherence improvements, display fixes, and … Read more

VMware Fusion Beta Program is Now Live

The VMWare Fusion beta program is now live. You can sign up for a beta key at It is currently free. You can read more about it at one of the official VMWare Blogs – “A Holiday Gift for Mac Users”. Quote: It’s a great time of year – … Read more

Parallels Desktop for Mac – Build 3094 Beta 2

A new beta of Parallels Desktop for Mac – Beta 2, Build 3094 has been released and can be downloaded here. This is a major release – it adds USB 2.0 support for plug and play devices (except for isochonous devices), full feature virtual CD/DVD drive – you can now … Read more

SerialParallels 1.0

SerialParallels 1.0 has been released – this is a new utility to address an area of Parallels that needed it – using serial ports. It’s a free, open-source application, and can be downloaded here. Description from the website: Parallels only supports serial ports as sockets on the host OS. SerialParallels … Read more

Parallels Transporter Beta

Parallels has released a new utility for Parallels Desktop for Mac, bundled with Parallels Desktop Build 3036, called Parallels Transporter. Parallels Transporter allows you to convert/migrate Windows PCs, VMWare or Virtual PC Virtual Machine/Images to Parallels Virtual Machines. This is the ultimate tool for migrating, as you can install the … Read more

Parallels Desktop – Build 3036

Parallels Desktop Build 3036 has been released and this is a huge release. You can now boot from the Boot Camp partition directly into Parallels Desktop for Mac, read and write to Boot Camp partitions (i.e. using it as an additional Hard Drive), auto-resize/adjusting Windows screen resolutions, Parallels Transporter beta … Read more