Intel Launches Quad Core for the Desktop

Computer Business Review mentions that Intel is officially launching the quad-core Core 2s: Intel Corp has officially launched its first desktop quad-core processor, codenamed Kentsfield, with new systems boasting the CPU set to be announced today. But for the average enterprise user, two plus two will not add up to … Read more

New EFI Firmware May Fix Parallels/VTI-x Issues (Nov 13, 2006)

Some are reporting on the Parallels forums and elsewhere, that they are no longer having to do the “sleep trick” to get the Intel virtualization technology (VTI-x) to kick in for Parallels. You have to install the update and then power the machine all the way off – rebooting wont’ … Read more

CrossOver Mac 6.0 – Limted Beta Version 3

From the CrossOver Mac 6.0 team: From Jeremy White’s posting in the CrossOver Mac forums: I’m happy to say that we’ve now made a public prerelease version of CrossOver Mac 6.0 available for your testing pleasure. A summary list of changes is available below. At this point, we feel we’re … Read more

Mac Pro/Core 2 Duo Users and Boxed/Retail Parallels Desktop

If you bought the retail copy of Parallels Desktop, and have a Mac Pro or a Core 2 Duo-based Mac (iMac, new MacBook Pros), it is highly recommended that you upgrade to Build #1970 of Parallels Desktop. This thread by Andrew at the Parallels support forum explains why: There are … Read more

Parallels Desktop – Installation Assistant and Shared Networking

A new build of Parallels Desktop available, Build #1970, is available with the new features that came about in Build 1966 are now apart of the official Parallels Desktop release. It can be downloaded here Forum Posting: Today we’re releasing a new build of Desktop for Mac that has two … Read more

Podcast/Interview: Parallels Leads Virtualization on the Mac

Virtual Strategy Magazine conducted a podcast interview with Benjamin Rudolph, Marketing Manager for Parallels (Parallels Desktop) about virtualization on the Mac and how it’s help sell Intel-based Mac, and why it helps Macs at the enterprise level. There’s also a bit about Virtual PC being dropped by Microsoft. You can … Read more