Mac-on-Linux has been updated. It’s an open-source application intended to allow you to run Mac OS X in parallel with Linux, on a PowerPC machine. Updates: Version This release fixes compilation on the 2.6.19 kernel and adds the molvconfig manual from debian.

Boot Camp 1.1.2 beta Released

There’s a new update to Boot Camp. Updates/Changes: Boot Camp 1.1.2 beta contains several updates and is intended for all new and previous Boot Camp beta users. * The Apple USB Modem now works correctly * Trackpad scrolling and right-click gestures work correctly * Fixed idle sleep bugs * Reduced … Read more

Parallels Desktop – Build 1966

There is a new build of Parallels Desktop available: Build #1966 Parallels Forum Announcement: As part of our efforts to make Parallels Desktop for Mac even more stable and easier to use, we’re pre-releasing our next build for testing. This internal build publicly introduces several cool new enhancements and important … Read more

Parallels Desktop and Web Design (37signals)

37signals has an interesting article about how they use Parallels Desktop: Parallels is an indispensable tool that lets us test our applications in all the browsers we support on a single computer. We can even test IE 6 and 7 side-by-side by running Windows XP in one VM and Vista … Read more

Guest PC 1.9.7

Guest PC has been updated to version 1.9.7. The changes are: Bug Fixes * Occasional crashes on Guest PC load with no network * Inability downloading maps to the Garmin GPS Enhancements * Better networking * Better stability and compatibility If you are a previously registered own of Guest PC, … Read more

Mac Pros, Parallels Desktop, and Virtualization Technology

If you ever start up Parallels Desktop on a Mac Pro (or any Mac), and get an error/warning saying that optimization is being turn off because hardward/virtualization technology is disabled in the firmware, have no fear. Simply exit out of Parallels Desktop, put your Mac Pro (or any Mac) to … Read more